Weird behavior of rotate-tool and tape-measure-tool

Since I’m working on my mac Studio with Sketchup 22 I regularly see some weird behaviour of the rotate-tool and the tape-measure-tool. When I switch to another tool when it happens and go back to one of the aforementioned they act normal. It will happen not very often, maybe two times in an hour, and is not very disturbing because the switching always works. Just wanted to share, it looks a little weird and I’m asking myself what’s causing it.

That would suggest that your graphic card is right on the edge of coping with the demands of Sketchup.
If it was a windows machine I would suggest checking for an updated driver, but with Mac…

I have this computer (M1 max processor) for about two months now, and it has way more capacity on graphics than my former mac mini with the intel processor, on which this never happened. It also works fantastic with the largest sketchup files. This only happens now and then, cannot imagine what it would have to do with the specs of the graphics. Also it only happens sometimes when using the two tools.

You should correct your profile then,
Screenshot - 10_1_2022 , 10_54_23 AM

What you show is still a graphics card issue.

For traditional integrated graphics the thing to try would be turning off Fast Feedback in Sketchup’s Preferences>OpenGL window and restarting SketchUp. Graphics in a M1 are integrated, but I don’t know if this applies to it.

Check! Did that. Thanks for reminding.

That’s worth a try Anssi. Switched that off.

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