WebDialog not loading jQuery in Windows SketchUp 2016



Hi! So we have a plugin with a web-dialog that includes a horizontal meter/gauge that works as a counter. The plugin works as intended with SketchUp Prof 2016 for Mac, the problem is in SketchUp 2016 for Windows the plugin is all messed up and looks like the jQuery is not loading in the web dialog. Did anything change in the latest SketchUp release? Are we missing anything?


Sketchup on Windows is using the Internet Explorer to display the WebDialog, while Mac is using Safari. Since the older IE versions (and sometimes the new one) are incompatible with modern technology, which might have caused your issues.

Did jQuery not load at all or is it just messed up? IE8 support for example was dropped in jQuery 2.x, so if it’s the later you will want 1.11.3.


Which windows version? We had two similar cases with windows 10, the issue fixed itself by an update of windows 10.


We are still on Windows 8.1


Webdialog Win10 IE11 CSS Related?


Is javascript enabled on that computer? We had similar problem with javascript disabled on certain computers.


No this problem was only on Windows 10


Do you have a sample snippet you can post?

I use jQuery in pretty much all my dialogs and I’ve yet to have an issue in any SU version - including SU2016.