SU2020 WebDialogs Javascript Problems

We’ve got at least 4 strange reports lately from people using SU2020. It seems that javascript might be somehow becoming disabled in WebDialogs in SU2020 for some users causing our plugins to break. These same users claim that our plugins work fine in SU2019. We have been unable to reproduce the issue ourselves.

I can’t pinpoint yet what the common denominator is for these cases but I believe all from non-English speaking countries. I’ve yet to get a report from USA, CAN, or UK.

I will update this thread when I receive more information from the customers who made the reports. I was just wondering if any other developers have seen this issue?

Have you guys come across this issue? It only seems to occur when using SU2020.

mac or windows?

webDialogs use IE or Safari…

Safari has certainly stopped for some of my apps


Verify please … UI::WebDIalog instances or UI::HtmlDialog instances ?

UI::WebDialog on Windows. I don’t have any confirmed reports yet from Mac users

Check if they still have IE final release on their machines…


to a large extent mac versions of webDialogs convert to htmlDialogs reasonably easily…

both webkit based with only a few gotcha’s…

my main gripe is the lack of any usable dlg.write_image equivalent…


Thanks John but I’m not trying to debate the merits of HtmlDialogs over WebDialogs.

The point is that I am seeing JS in WebDialogs fail in SU2020 where they work fine in SU2019. Both SketchUp versions should be using the same version of Internet Explorer to display the dialogs, would they not? @thomthom what could be causing this?

I’ve experienced one user who had a broken IE installation that prevented JavaScript to run. The user had to reinstall IE (or repair Windows.)

It could also be that the user has turned off JavaScript in IE settings. (Or IT admins via group policy.)

In that case, wouldn’t ALL versions of SketchUp break? In the case I am describing, only SU2020 seems to break

Hmm… yea. I missed that detail, sorry.
I don’t know what would cause such difference. We didn’t do anything explicitly to the webdialog interface.

If you have a repro case we can look into it.

If it’s specific to non-English countries it could be an issue with dot vs comma as decimal separator. That wouldn’t explain the difference between 2019 and 2020 though.