Way to make coordinate text larger?


I am working with a vision impaired student who would like to try out SketchUp Make. I was wondering if there are any methods to make the coordinates at the bottom right of the screen any larger. Thanks for any assistance!

As far as I am aware, there isn’t a native way to locally increase the size of toolbar.

I assume, you want to increase the size of “measurement” input box. You can enable “measurement” toolbar from “toolbars”. Then you will be able to move the location of the “measurement” input box (VCB)


But this is just method of changing the location of the input box.

I think your student should utilize current OS’s accessibility functions.

Thank you so much for the response! That was helpful and I did in fact mean the “measurement” input box.


Good luck on the rest of learning.

Microsoft has a utility called ZoomIt.exe that I have played a bit with SketchUp.
It seems to work OK. But the cursor disappears when zooming. It says it is geared toward presentations.

Get it from the MS Sysinternals site: