Warped surface in sketchup

I Want to know how to make warped surfaces in sketchup.
In the image above there is, in blue which surface i want to cover.
Thaks to anyone


Just draw a diagonal and the surface will close.

Thanks, but It is not a wraped surface.

I think you need to explain what you want more clearly. How about uploading the SKP file so we can see it.

But it is. Of course, to some extent it depends on what you mean by “warped” and “surface.” Of the two, the latter has a specialized meaning in SU.

Let us quickly dispense with the issue of “warped” by simply saying it is “not-flat,” which could be some combination of curved, bent, or twisted. Okay?

As to “surface,” in SU a surface is some number of adjacent, non-coplanar faces that have been subjected to “softening” and “smoothing,” the combined effect of which is to make the surface appear to be continuous and smoothly contoured even though it is actually a network of flat polgons.

Softening and smoothing can be applied to one edge at a time or to all affected edges at once. Softening is the suppression of the line itself, similar to hiding. Even a softened edge remains visible, though, because of the effects of shade and shadow. A softened edge appears as a “crease” in the surface, an abrupt change in surface direction, more visible from some angles than others. Smoothing blends the transition between light and shade gradually, giving the appearance of an uninterrupted, continuously curved surface.

The simplest warped surface in SU, therefore, would be two triangles with some angle between them and with softening and smoothing applied to the common edge. In other words, what @ely862me said.


If you can show us a picture with what you are trying to achieve I am sure it will help a lot.

Did you try the Sandbox from Contours tool on the edges you have selected?


You are a genious!!
Thanks a lot