Warehouse fault

SketchUp Warehouse seems to be not working — the acceptance of terms when signing in doesn’t work

Is the Accept button gray or red? If it’s gray you need to scroll to the bottom of the terms to get it to turn red. Then click. They are encouraging you to actually read the terms rather than blindly clicking. You can just quickly scroll to the bottom without informing yourself of the terms if you’d like.

Thanks for the help! Sorted!

And if I know Dave, he’s not advocating that course. You could take the little extra time to become one of the elite :wink: few who reads the terms and knows what they’re accepting.
Maybe they could add that to the endless library of Forum badges – “Warehouse Terms Reader” or “EULA reader” :smirk: (tongue_in_cheek)

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I agree - and my tongue is NOT in my cheek!

Maybe add badges for those who also comprehended what they read. :slight_smile:


and a TOSser badge for those who haven’t bothered… [English slang]



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