Wall Mural on all walls and ceiling

How do I project a jpeg to show what a photo would look like projected onto a wall? I am doing this as a volunteer with a mural design I developed myself. I have a model someone else designed of the building.

Hello! Here are some links to visually show you how to do it.

  1. SketchUp: Mapping Photo Textures

  2. How to Add Photos to Curved Surfaces

  3. How to Project a Texture

thank you very helpful

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I hope I am not bothering you. I have a 3D model of the building but the mural will be in one 2nd floor room only, a nursery.

Could you tell me how I project on that room only and create a 360-degree “video” of what it looks like afterward?

Can you show some pictures or screenshots of what you’re trying to achieve? It’ll be easier to understand and help.

It sounds like you want to have your mural start on one wall and wrap around the corners to cover all four walls as a continuous image. Is that correct? If so, that does not entail projection of the image but simply continuing the image from one face to the next, which is really the default behavior of image-based textures generally.

For instance:

Please clarify what you want to do, and if you need some help we can show you how to go about it.


@Gully_Foyle - I would like to do what you have shown in this image - how do you do this? In my case I want to have an image continue from the wall to the ceiling.