Wall Hanging Cabinet


This is a cabinet I designed and built:

And this is the finished product:


Nice work. good to see the drawing and the final product.


A really nice job indeed, you could take a picture of the grain and apply to your mode


Phil, I’d like to do that but don’t have clue where to begin, I looked at Photo Textures but it says they come from Google Street view.:confused:


Not bad what Stain ( and brand ) did you use to get that colour ? . . looks a bit like walnut . . nice joining of the top boards . . I use Biscuts about every 4 inches to get real good fit and smooth surface …Oh yeah did you use the T molding around the TOP edges ( gives a nice finished edge ) and keeps edges from getting dinged and can be replaced easily . .


Sherwin-Williams, custom blend, (formula is available), to match a purchased piece of furniture:

Top is red oak plywood and all edges are 3/4 x 1/8. The corbels, rails and stiles are oak everything else is plywood.

There is a total of four shelves above the cabinet.


I like the finish a lot . . I do stuff like this for people custom made things like a book shelf or computer table some times a end table to fit in spots with leveling feet ends and a drawer or 2 . . I was getting the kitchen sink cut outs from Counters and make into Custom small tables and adding the T-Molding around the edges . . Used walnut stain to give nice finish then sprayed a coat of shellac over it and assembled the top to it . .