Wacom Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Medium tablet

Who is using a WACOM Intuos drawing tablet? Does it make working quicker or easier. In short I would like to know some experiences.



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I use a WACOM Intuos. It is a pretty long setup process (making sure everything does what you want it to do) and it takes some getting used to, but overall, I think it is a bit more intuitive, and helps quite a bit. It does get frustrating when the tablet doesn’t do what you want/need it to do, but for most basic operation, I have found the tablet to be helpful. There are a few differences that you would have to get used to in the way the interface functions, but once used to it, I think you will find it to be a valuable tool.


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I’m using an Intuos Pro medium also. It takes some getting used to but so far I feel comfortable using it. I found the most important thing was to customize the buttons to my liking.

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I just picked one up to try to reduce the repetitive strain injury I’m having. How do you have the orbit/pan set up on your pen? I have a 3d Navigator, but I don’t always use it if I’m working from home or on the road, so I would like to be able to easily orbit and pan with the pen.