VS Code Debugging set up on Mac

Hey all. I am trying to figure out how to set up the debugger in VS Code. The ruby extension referenced here is no longer available. The recommended replacement Ruby LSP tells me that my project is in ruby 2.6.10 and ruby 3.0 is required. What Ruby extension should I be using? Any tips for a first time set up appreciated as well… Thanks!

I decided to pass on setting up debugging (maybe a poor choice?) and just use puts statements and console logs.

But search the forum for a “reloader”. I haven’t set one up yet (maybe another poor choice?) but that’s on my ToDo as I’m restarting SketchUp enough to know I’m not making things easy on myself ;^)!


Ya thats what I am doing currently. I was wondering if there is any big benefit to workflow using the debugger. Also now that I started the setup its bothering me that I can’t finish it lol.

Fixed Link:
Link to reloader mentioned above.

Looks like you’re on top of it (but the link does not seem to be working).

It looked like getting it set up would be a pain… but I’m a KISS level user.

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I got rid of the errors from Ruby LSP by using rvm to install Ruby 3.1.2 and set it as default. I tried Ruby 3.2 but could not get it to build due to an error in the openssl code. So far I haven’t seen further errors from VSCode.

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Will try thanks!

P.S. what’s rvm?

Its the ruby version manager. The official ways to get it are listed here.


OK great thanks!