How to debug extension with VS Code?

I use Sketchup 2017. I followed the tutorial , but it does not work.

What is the best way to debug Sketchup extensions?

Do you know ?

No. I just tried it out, thank you. It is nice to edit scripts. But I want an IDE that allows me to make breakpoints.

@Henry12 see here:

SketchUp Ruby API Debugger

This is a Ruby debugger framework for SketchUp 2014 and later. The ruby-debug-ide protocol has been mostly implemented so any Ruby IDE that supports this protocol should work.

IDE Stable ( Stable ( Stable ( Stable (
Aptana RadRails Good Untested Untested Untested
NetBeans (with Ruby community plugin) Good Untested Untested Untested
RubyMine Good Good Good Untested
VS Code (with vscode-ruby extension) Not supported Good Good Good

Instructions for Windows:

  • Download the pre-built dynamic library (SURubyDebugger.dll) from the latest release or build from the sources.
  • Copy the DLL into the SketchUp installation directory. As the exact path will depend on the version of SketchUp you have installed, look for a folder similar to the following:
C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\

C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\
  • Start SketchUp from the command line or the “Run…” dialog:
SketchUp.exe -rdebug "ide port=7000"

Instructions for Mac OS X:

  • Install SketchUp 2014 Maintenance 1 Release (version 14.1.1283) or later.
  • Download SURubyDebugger.dylib into the Frameworks directory of the app bundle:
curl -L -o /Applications/SketchUp\ 2019/
  • Run SketchUp from the command line:
open -a /Applications/SketchUp\ 2021/ --args -rdebug "ide port=7000"

Command-line arguments:

When launching SketchUp with debugging enabled, the following command-line arguments are supported:

-rdebug "ide [port=<number>] [wait]"
  • port=<number> - Configures the port on which the SketchUp debugger accepts connections from IDEs. This must match the remote debugger port setting configured in the IDE. If not specified, the port defaults to 1234 .
  • wait - Instructs the SketchUp debugger to wait for an initial connection from an IDE before allowing execution to continue. This is necessary to debug scripts that run automatically, for instance when an extension is loaded. When using this option, the SketchUp process will appear to be frozen until an IDE is attached.


While most common debugging functionality has been implemented, there are few TODOs:

  • Debugging of multi-threaded execution
  • Function breakpoints
  • Exception breakpoints
  • Are we missing something else? Please report and contribute!

To contribute, please fork the repository, make your changes and submit a pull request.

Happy Debugging!

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Thank you. Yes, I followed the guide. But at last, I started debug in vs code, then operate ruby extension in Sketchup, the extension paused, but no debug info in vs code.

I had to stop debug, then the extension executed to end.

I think there was issues in the communication between VS code and SU.

rubyeditor recommend
I’ve tried rubymine and give up

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I’ve noticed that happens when there are RBS files loaded.

Try changing the file name of your script to be different than any that are loaded. Set the break point in vscode, and load the file from the built in Sketchup ruby console.

load file_path