Vray wont work with sketchup 2019

Hi, I upgraded my sketchup 2018 to sketchup 2019, now vray wont work, Im being told that vray does not work with sketchup 2019 and I need to go back to sketchup 2018 to use it.

Can anyone confirm this? and does vray have any plans to upgrade to sketchup 2019?

Did you upgrade Vray too? Or are you still trying to use an older version?

Which version of V-Ray are you using?

First install Sketchup 2019, then reinstall Vray and in Vray specify sketchup 2019 and that’s it

no, my company has vray 3.6 which apparently isn’t compatible with sketchup 2019

vray 3.6

Looks like you need to update your V-Ray version or keep using SketchUp v2018. Contact Chaos Group for further support

Edit: The latest version of V-Ray NEXT has some great improvements over v3.6 if that helps at all.