SU 19 not compatible with Vray 3.6

Dear all,

Ive recently purchased Vray 3.6! Which isnt compatible with SU19!! Now im looking to buy classic license for SU18! can someone help i cant find an answer

It should be compatible.

Thanks for replying i meant SU19 not compatible with Vray3.6

Vray 3.6 is not compatible with v2019.
Vray Next is compatible with v2019.
They had [? up to two weeks ago !] a free upgrade available.
You need to contact them about getting an upgrade - free or paid…

Otherwise you need to get v2018 - perhaps contact SketchUp or your retailer direct ?

V-Ray 4.0 ‘Next’ was released 08.02.2019, if “recently purchased” you should have it already.

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