Vray installation for the new version of Sketchup 2017

Good morning, we downloaded in the office Sketchup 2017 but we can not on this version to see our V-Ray; we also have uninstalled and reinstalled both Mac and Windows, but does not appear, how should we do? thank you

Hello @domoservice.pirozzolo

The SketchUp 2017 is a completely separate installation. It does not overwrite SketchUp 2016.

You will want to check with the VRay folks to find out if it is compatible with 2017.


Hi Chris.

Did you have any luck with your Vray?, i also need to get it running in 2017

The Vray people have mentioned in a number of posts that, in order to work with SketchUp 2017, you have to use the recently released Vray 3.4 Public Beta

I couldn’t get SKP 2017 to work with Vray even after installing the 3.4 beta. I’ve been corresponding with ChaosGroup via e-mail but with the time difference it’s a very slow, one day at a time process that has been going on for over a week with no headway. Really wish they would get all their bugs worked out and publicly release a 2017 compatible version.