Vray 2.0 compatibility with SU 2017

Hi guys. Im pretty familiar with both SU and vray. The company that i work for currently uses 2015 SU licenses and Vray 2.0

I have been pushing to get licenses for the new version of SU but have heard that it doesnt work with Vray 2.0. is that true?

I know vray for SU 3.4 beta is out, and have tried it in my own personal computer (where i have SU 2017 installed)

I just want to know if we would run into some issues if we were to upgrade to SU 2017 and still have vray 2.0

Thanks a lot

Have you searched this forum or Vray’s forum about this topic?

All i could find was something about vray 2.0 being updated to be compatible with SU 2016.
but those posts are a bit old.
It doesn’t say anything about being compatible with SU 2017

… then it’s probably not compatible with SU 2017, what would not be very suprising with SU 2017 updating Ruby script to version 2.2.4 and probably therefore a new V-Ray version required and already avail.

Vray is working on 2017 compatibility. It’s a new version, now in public beta:

Just FYI for anybody that cares

I contacted chaos group. Vray 2.0 is indeed NOT compatible with SU 2017
like suspected, they only way you can use vray with SU 2017 is by using the beta… which im not sure its a good idea for a big company to be relying on a beta.

Oh well, seems like we’ll need to use 2016 until the new vray comes out

Thanks for your replies

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