[Vray] White spots on vray rendering

I am using v ray redering to render a bed room scene. Problem is, I am getting white spots all my photo which i have to remove by photoshop everytime. In this particular photo, the amoutn of white spots are too many. Is there any solution of particular setting for this ?

There is limited amount of Vray information that you can obtain on this forum as it is SketchUp forum, not Vray.

Vray forum: http://forums.chaosgroup.com/forumdisplay.php?126-V-Ray-for-SketchUp-forums

However, I believe what you are experiencing is a noise issue.

There is also very little I can tell you without looking at the model or the image, but I suspect that you have little light in the scene. You can reduce amount of noise by introducing more light, or by increasing DMC values.
This all depends on what sort of settings you are using in the scene.

I would suggest DMC Sampler in Output settings and change the noise threshold to 0.005 and change the Min. Boxes from 8 to 15. This may cause a longer rendering time but the render final will be way better.

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