[Vray] Turning off the Vray Logo

How do I remove the default VRAY logo from renders From the Chaos Group Extensions warehouse?

I did a little searching on removing the Vray logo. It appears you have to buy the Vray license to make it go away. Or, if you have bought the license, make sure Vray is running with the license activated.

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Thanks. Looks like you are 100% correct… Bummer! I should not have assumed that purchasing SketchUp Pro = access to a v-ray rendering engine. Kind of disappointing!

Vray is owned by a different company and their extension is a commercial one. There are other commercial extensions hosted in the EW and the SketchUp Pro license doesn’t buy those extensions either.

Yup, you have to buy the V-Ray dongle to get he full function. The program is the full download but not unlocked. You will be amazed at the difference in the amount of functions you get in the full program, but at >$700 if you are not going to be doing really serious rendering you might consider Shaderlight or I-Render. Also the learning curve to utilize the goodies in v-ray is steep.