Vray extension


i’m trying to use vray and for the first time, sketchup shows this probleme would you know how to solve this problem?
thank you for your help

You do not have the license server (OLS) running on your machine. This should run at startup.
It should run constantly in the background.
You can run it manually from the command line, on windows it may be called OLS.exemin the ChaosGroup folder (sorry I’m on a mac)

is this legal according the V-Ray license agreement?

If you cannot afford a commercial license of V-Ray you might want check the free ‘Twilight Render’ hobby version even allowed to use for commercial purposes.

yes, many softwares use the actual computers unique information for licensing, so they know exactly by whom and where the software is used…

it doesn’t matter what email you use if it’s all from the same computer…

every now and again companies and governments decide to come down hard on the little guy who thinks it’s ok to use software illegally…

is it worth the risk, when there are free alternatives…


you are asking the wrong questions.

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Thank you for your Answers!
I have to think about a alternative yes!

Thank you for the tips “Twilight Render”