Vray Tools2 load on demand not functioning in SKP2016 / Win10?

I had to reinstall SKP Pro 2016 after a mishap associated with upgrading from Win7 to Win10. After getting all the extensions reinstalled, I notice that the load on demand function in the Vray Tools extension is greyed out and not working anymore. This is a big problem because I’m sharing my Vray plugin license pool with hundreds of other people and can’t keep it checked out all the time.

Anybody else have this problem? Is there a fix?

I am not sure why it is grayed out, but check if V-Ray For SketchUp is already loaded and the toolbar is hidden or closed?

What are you seeing in your extensions list?

you should ideally see V-Ray For SketchUp checked off

Yes. Vray is installed and working. But the Vray Tools load on demand option is still greyed out.

if Vray is already loaded from the extensions list, it will work. But for Vray Tools to work, make sure Vray is NOT checked in the extension list. (I meant “off” as “not checked”. Sorry for the confusion)

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Ah. I understand. That seems to address the problem. Thank you.

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BTW, that’s how Vray Tool is supposed to work. It has been the same for any OS and SketchUp versions.

It would be helpful if that was actually documented somewhere. I’ve been using SKP with Vray and Vray Tools for about as long as Vray Tools has existed, and this is literally the first time this problem has ever come up.

That is very odd, because just installing the Vray Tools won’t work. Somebody you or whomever using the machine must have it set up to disable Vray in extension list to work properly.

The good news is that V-Ray for SketchUp 3 will make this extension redundant. :smiley:

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Haha, i am not sure if that information is public yet?
and perhaps one needs to pay the upgrade fee for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, there was an issue with Vray 2.0 which the disabled become enabled again when two SketchUp was opened simultaneously. I have heard that this is their issue, and they see that version 3 will the ultimate fix for it.

They presented the next version at the last 3D Basecamp.

I would assume so, it is a new major version.

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I just like being exclusive as the 3D Basecamp attendee, and keep all the information secret :stuck_out_tongue:

“Anyways, there was an issue with Vray 2.0 which the disabled become enabled again when two SketchUp was opened simultaneously.”

Aha! That was my problem.

If you open the second SketchUp after the first finish loading, its fine. Just don’t load them together.