SketchUp multiple launch triggering disabled extensions

I have SketchUp 2016 M1 version, and this is something new in 2016 which didn’t happen in 2015 or older.

Disabled extension seems to get enabled again when SketchUp is launched multiple times. (The second launch has to happen whilst the tools are loading)

I can go back and disable it again. Which seems to stick, but when I launch more than one SketchUp file, it seems to come back (I have to open multiple files often in my workflow)

The extension that has this issue, is V-ray Extension. I have tried with other extensions, but only this one seems to have that issue.
I am wondering if there is anyone else who is having same problem, possibly with any other extensions.

I suspect it might have to do something with “extensions policy” or Vray extension but it would be great if anyone can give me some sort of guidance.

My V-ray extension is usually disabled so my SketchUp loads faster, and use @thomthom’s Vray Tools plugin to load on-demand.

Prior to 2016, it was fine. I just had this issue occasionally, and wasn’t sure what is triggering it. But I figured out that multiple launch of SketchUp does.