VRay - Render glitches in curved faces

Hi everyone,

I’m having some problems rendering a car.
The material applied appears with these glitches in the curved faces.

I’ve tried to soften/smooth the edges and nothing changes.

Any help please?

Thank you!

Are you saying that it looks wrong in Vray? If so, I would recommend that you reach out to Chaos Group’s support, directly (they will have the best answers).

If you are saying that the materials look of while in SketchUp (which is kind of what it looks like you are showing in these images), then I would suggest sharing the file that you are having problems with. From these screen grabs, it just looks like you have a lot of lines at that curve, and are seeing the black from the lines, rather than the color of the faces. As I said, though, this is just a guess from the images.

These images were rendered in VRay, so I will contact Chaos support.

Thank you very much anyway Aaron!