Vray or lumion?

Can i ask which has the fastest rendering time between the two? I currently have 8gb of ram and GTX 1050 graphics card. Thank you!

If you want to know, you must try both yourself. Render time is dependent on your model, materials, render settings, lighting, output quality and output size, to start with. Both applications can perhaps be configured to produce a 2-second render, but with an unusable result.


In my opinion, if we are speaking only about speed. Lumion will be faster but less accurate.

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They’re two different things. One needs to know the ‘why’.

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When speed is your main concern Enscape might also be worth a look.

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Twinmotion too :wink:

If you are considering animation then a real-time engine solution is going to be your most practical option - as suggested above - Enscape, Lumion, TwinMotion or direct to Unreal Engine via Datasmith.

I´m not a Pro, but I did a lot of Renderings and Animations with Lumion. Examples: My Architectural Drawings, Renderings and Animations
And I also tested Vray for SketchUp. I think: If you want to produce photorealistic Images, you need Vray. If you want render fast, go for Lumion.

Another thing to consider: Vray works right inside of SketchUp. With Lumion you must import a SketchUp-File.

Doesn’t Lumion offer a LiveSync plugin?

Yes you´re right. Nevertheless I think the workflow could be different. When working with Lumion you don´t nee to place textures in SketchUp, you only need to distinguish colors and do the texture work in Lumion. But if you work with Vray in SketchUp, all the textures are shown, if rendered with vray or not.

I do use VRay and Enscape for Sketchup and Revit.
If Speed and Real-Time Rendering is “the one and only” to you, use Enscape.
Do you like High-End (or nearly high-end) Renderings, use VRay
And if Speed is a point to you, change your graphic card up to RTX… The Reason for this: The new Renderengin of VRay supports the new RTX-Technic. (Up from GTX1070 Cards, sorry but GTX 1050 is not supported :frowning: ). This speeds up the Rendering Time realy!

Both, VRay and Enscape offer a Trial-Period with full function of the programm.
And both programm are working with sketchup (and Revit) Materials.
Mostly you can see what you get :wink:

Kind Regards from Germany,

Example from sketchup with VRay (medium solution, rendertime + -1.15 min.)

Example from Revit with Enscape (nearly realtime, high solution, FullHD)