[Vray] Need help just demo vfb to it's max size limit?

Can anyone help me get the “Vray Frame Buffer” to 800X600?

Is the size selected in output what controls the frame buffer size (the resulting rendered image) or are these two separate functions?

Yes. Purchase a license for V-ray!

Please quit flooding the forum with multiple posts asking the same question. Especially after you got the answer the first time you asked it.

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@kayshangouts, … and please ask questions about extensions and 3rd party applications in the Extensions category. (I’ve had to move all 3 of your posts today.)

HOW to achieve the max resolution?

No body has informed me on HOW to achieve the max resolution of the very frame buffer and only with my second post did DaveR inform me of the Max resolution’s exact number so it was pessary to post more then once and yet again Im still stuck at a solution below the max of 800x600 at 533x400 which on body has thought to ask me. I’ve tried on my now, saved the setting of 800x600 and still I’m at a lost. If anyone can please help it’s appreciated.

josephkim626 replied with the answer in your first thread which I copied and pasted to your second?

You cannot get 800x600 from the demo version. The max allowed is 600x400. If you want larger, buy the license. You’re getting close to the maximum of 600x400. I expect to get the other 67 pixels, you’ll have to change the width to height aspect ratio of your Sketchup window.