VRay keeps crashing Sketchup 2023

Has anyone experienced a crash when running VRAY through the Sketchup Studio bundle? I have been trying to use the VRAY extension, however the app simply crashes. I have been working with the technical support team at both Sketchup and Chaos for about a month now, and there hasn’t any resolution yet.

Thanks - NS

Have you tried uninstalling everything, sketchup and Vray, and make a clean installation of both programs, running the installers as administrator.

Hi @francisquitof

After working with the Choas and Sketchup team, it appears that my OpenCL.dll is the problem - maybe. I was able to run VRAY through the Sketchup Studio app after I renamed the OpenCL.dll file. Once I changed the name back, I could repeat the crash. I am guess its related to that, but it will wait to hear back. I will reply back, once the Chaos/Sketchup support team chimes in.

P.S. I had tried uninstalling both Sketchup 2023 and the VRay 2023 extension a few times as we tried to fix the problem.

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