Vray frame buffer

Pleased can anyone help, when i apply fur in asset editor geometry i make distribution per face it do render but none of the grasses are visible in the frame buffer, but when i make distribution per area it completely crash and shows nothing it end up say restart as soon as possible…Please what can i do?

Try using the CPU render engine - I’m not sure if fur is supported on CUDA/RTX

Ok let me try and see

CPU engine besides, it shows none of the grasses and it render only when i make distribution per face but when i made it per area it with CPU engine it just crash my computer it end up saying restart your computer as soon as possible…

If you can share the Sketchup model?

Hardly i do it because, when i wants to take make a screenshot whiles on rendering with the distribution per area, it just crash the whole computer, it end up restarting on it’s own, that is the issue why i can’t take a pic the whole computer mis behaves…

If you are getting errors asking you to restart your computer then you’ve got bigger issues than just v-ray.

Make sure all of your windows updates and the latest drivers for your computers parts are installed from each manufacturer

Pop the SKP file in this post and I’ll take a look