Vray 5 + Sketchup - scene changes slightly between repeated renders


I recently upgraded to Vray 5 and have experienced that the scene sometimes changes slightly when I do repeated renders. To be clear: Even though I am using the very same scene in Sketchup and has safe frame activated in Vray, there are sometimes small changes in the rendering result, like as if the camera has moved a few decimeters sideways.

Are there anyone else who have experienced this issue with Vray 5?

The issue is very annoying since it makes it difficult to do post-production effectively (ie. masks in PS has to be updated due to the small change in angle).

I never experienced this issue with previous versions of Vray.

(At the same time I also updated to Sketchup 2022 from Sketchup 2020. Could the Sketchup-version be related to this issue?)

Please update your profile, this is confusing. What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Are you eligible to use 2022?

Hi, yes I updated the profile now.

The problem occurs when I’m using Vray 5 and Sketchup Pro 2022. Sorry for the confusion.

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