VRAY 5 for SketchUp no longer works on SketchUp PRO 2021 with OS Big Sur update 1.1

hello, since I installed the Big Sur 1.1 update on my MacBook PRO 13 M1 Vray V has stopped working and it is no longer possible to proceed with the renderings.
I have already notified Chaos Group but have not received any feedback yet.
SketchUp PRO 2021 works well but I cannot finalize my works.
Can you involve Chaos Group and accelerate the resolution of the problem?
thanks in advance for your support

We’ve done what we can to point them to your post, but many are out this week.


I also cannot proceed with rendering. When I try to launch Asset Editor following information pops up.

It worked on base version of Big Sur --> 11.01

The issue is caused by a third party library our user interface relies on. The issue is fixed in the latest version of the library and we will switch to it asap

There is a workaround. You can edit the following file:
~/.ChaosGroup/V-Ray for SketchUp/telemetry.json

And change its contents from

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