Visuhole problem

Hello! I’m trying to make a hole in the selection component. What do I do wrong?

Screen Video: link

Why not post in its thread at SketchUcation - where you’ll be more likely to get a quick response…

I did.

I see no SketchUcation posts about Visuhole in the last several days - can you post a link to it ?
Or retry doing the post ??

I see it now. But you give too much AND not enough information…
Over at SketchUcation can you explain what the various bits are, and what you are trying to do, and perhaps attached a simple SKP showing the problem with steps if necessary - currently your movie is unclear…

Sorry. New video with my explanations is here: link

SKP is attached.
v2 (c перилами) Горка в сборе.skp (1.2 MB)