Visualizer for SketchUp 2016 (Win7 64bit) Patch

Hello, guys.

I make a patch available in SketchUp 2016.
As you know, the Visualizer program can only be installed if the SketchUp 2015 version is already installed.
However, I also make a “fake installation patch” that can be install Visualize without SketchUp 2015.

  1. If you have SketchUp 2015 installed, install the visualizer and run the 2016 version patch.
  2. If you do not have SketchUp 2015 installed, you need to install 01_SU2015_Fake_Install.exe file first and install the visualizer.

For this information works only Windows7 64bit environment.

Please refer to the link below, and if you like this contents, please click heart button.
There are 2 files you can get.
There is no virus. (It looks likes exe file but actually it is a zip file.)

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