Visualizer error


I know Visualizer is no longer developed but before I can invest time in learning a different rendering program I was hoping to just get by with this easy one.

But Visualizer gives an error any time I try to take the “picture” after it has rendered. I reinstalled the latest version which was the last one they will make.

Has anyone encountered this error? Or is the last version of Visualizer not compatible with Sketchup Pro 2015? (I’m not sure when they stopped making it).

Are there other simple programs like this? I will learn V-Ray in the summer when I have lots of free time. But for now I need a very simple one if possible.

as usual, thanks for any advice,




It’s running on my Mac with SU 2016 Pro, had to move it from 2015 over to 2016 by hand, but it saves .png captures just fine.

Seems like some of the other renderers have a basic mode that is almost the same thing as Visualizer. I don’t know for sure, but I think many of them are based on Kerkythea, which is freeware (might have been open source at one point?).

I’ve been trying to find time to learn some of these tutorials:



OK, thanks for your input. I’m using Windows 10.

It’s not a big deal, I will just have to man up and learn V-ray or the free one. DaveR told me about it and he is right that it’s the best free one hands down.

I just can’t stand the interface. It’s excruciating to me the way they laid out the controls. Call me OCD. LOL



[quote=“Rick, post:3, topic:20745”]
It’s excruciating to me the way they laid out the controls.
[/quote][quote=“Rick, post:3, topic:20745”]
I’m using Windows 10.
Just kidding, I have a VM for Win10 for a few programs that don’t have a mac version, and it’s the most intuitive to date.



LOL, yeah good point.