Maximizing visualizer

I’m playing around with visualizer and like it but feel like i should somehow be able to get better results. does any of you know of ways to prepare it in sketchup so as to get more after visualizer has done its work.
ps i operate on a brand new souped up Mac book pro so this could not be dragging down performance…

I liked Visualizer enough to spend the 20 bucks and I use it along with a few other rendering programs. But here’s the thing…the distributor alerts you in no uncertain terms that you don’t need to adjust any settings, in fact you have few if any settings to play with.

The appearance of the output (I won’t call it a render, since they don’t) is dependent on the model’s characteristics, such as materials, colors, time of day and amount of sunlight or fog. It really is a WYSISWYG piece of software. Because you have not received any replies until now, your question may better be directed to the vendor:

thanks for your reply
i think visualizer is pretty cool, and i can easily see the immediate limits of this product.
a couple of questions for you. have you taken it to photoshop?? if so did you have good results?
I’m looking at a stronger rendering program with easy and intuitive interface. any recommendations.
what do you use, and what do you think of shader light and kerkythea.

I just came across the video linked here: SketchUp Visualizer Plugin Tutorial and Review - YouTube

This may offer additional information about how you can tweak Visualizer to your preferences. I have not experimented with applying the results to Photoshop thus far, so I can’t comment on that process. I do make use of Kerkythea and Twilight for renders and I’m quite pleased with these programs also.

Hi Lars,

Could you be more specific about the issues you see in Photoshop. Does the image look different in the Visualizer window just before you save it? There are 3 image formats available plus the option to save with alpha channel. Which one have you selected?
By the way as far as performance, when the laptop is unplugged Visualizer goes into power save mode which does make it run slower. Also although it may be obvious, the longer Visualizer renders the image quality improves. There are estimators at the bottom left of the Visualizer window that show you when 3 levels of quality will be attained.

Hope this helps.