Best renderer for new user

I have been searching for a good 3D modeler. I used a number of them back in my Amiga days and Sketchup seems the best. I am looking for a good renderer though. iRender nxt seems good and fast but $30 a month is steep. I wanted to check on that GPU renderer but the only way to get it is to send an email. Can you guys recommend a good renderer for a beginner that will render photorealistic images?

The best is to try.

Why don’t you download trials and see for your self?

I wanted to try Visualizer bit said I needed a compatible version of Sketchup and it didn’t list 2016. I am trying iRender and also Ariel but both are monthly subscriptions. I want something that is fast and really good. I’m even will to pay a flat charge like $50-100 for one. Just not sure what is good. I created a very simple scene with 3D text and a floor and Ariel took 11 minutes to render it. This is on a Core i7 exteme with dual 670’s.

I’m using it on v16 and so are others, give it a try…

When I install it, I get a dialog that says “Visualizer for SketchUp requires Sketchup 2013, 2014, or 2015. Please install a compatible version and try again”

Denisroy, there are no folders in there only 3 files: .gitignore,, and vfs.rb. Is th

OK I got it installed by installing Sketchup 2015 then copying the files. I tried a test render and it doesn’t seem very good. Low quality and grainy. Is it not meant to be a photo realistic renderer?

it has options for better renders [longer timing]…

the help pages where still up when I last looked…

re-naming materials can have dramatic effects…


I’m intrigued to try Visualizer myself. Their help page offers a 5-minute getting started video that seems to have disappeared.

In a classic case of “Where’s my – HERE it is!”, I found the video after posting a question about it. The video at Visualizer for SketchUp: How to Start on Vimeo appears to be the Visualizer tutorial missing on the above page.

I hope this helps

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I use brighter 3d its quick. a trial at

I really like Maxwell for it’s concept of real camera like settings.
Next to the expensive “suite”, there is an affordable and also a (limited resolution) free version for sketchup.
The biggest downside for me is that I still find it difficult to create custom materials from the sketchup plugin. But there is a large library of free materials available.

You can download a trail for 30 days.
If you like the speed and easy to use facilities, than you can buy it for less than 200$.