Visio File import to Sketchup request

I have a Visio diagram that I would like to import into Sketchup to see how it will render. Since I am only using the free Web version of Sketchup, the import or insert feature is inactive. Is anyone willing to import my file for me and export is as a sketchup model so I can see if it is usable before I subscribe to a Personal or Professional version? Thanks. Anthony

Share the file so we can see what you’ve got and give it a try.

According to the documentation, Visio can export to PDF, SVG and some raster image formats. If you need to import the file as vector geometry (edges and faces) you will have to use PDF or SVG and then use a third party application to convert the result to DXF or DWG prior to importing to SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop. A free alternative for performing the trick is Inkscape. Raster images can be imported directly into all versions of SketchUp.

Hi Dave. Here is the link to the file. Please send me back the sketchup model if you are able to import this. My objective is to create a 3d model of this floor plan layout if possible, but I am a newbie to using sketchup. Thank you. Anthony