Virtual reality situation

Hello everyone! Im curretly experimenting with Virtual reality and searching for a way to expose my projects to the clients taking advantage of the Meta quest 2 i have. I have been doing some very interesting advances with an extension called VR sketch that works nicely.

To go a bit forward, and maybe im asking for too much, as i work with industrial pieces, it would be awesome if the client could be able to “manipulate” the stuff. For example, something i have succeded in making is: i made a DC which is a box, that moves between 2 positions on the x axe, and then i am able to move it in VR SKETCH. These simple moves work very well.

BUT if i try to make more complex movements (for example instead of moving through one AXE lets say :x=50cm to x=0 cm, i try to make it move from x=50cm/y=25cm to x=0cm/y=0cm on that point VR says is a complex animation and it cannot make it. i can reproduce the animation like “interact” but it takes away all the fun haha

i can also make it work with the tools oncorporated such as move ecc. but i have made a few tests and some people that maybe are not so tech friendly cant make it work, and this thing has to be suuuper simple.

I dont know this is the situation, any suggestions? should i give up and wait to year 2050? haha