Vr sketchup issues

Hey guys, Is there a specific VR Sketch up group ? Im using a vive cosmos an im just looking to maximise the experience if anyone has any tips. Ordered the gear-vr lenses to hopefully sharpen things up. Is anyone else using VR Sketch an whats your take on it, i find it hard to stay in for a long time. Used Vali architects plugin to make all 20 of the doors on this drawing but it seems the dynamic component side of the door does not work with vr sketch an also the hole it cuts isnt cut in VR if that makes sence. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

DC’s won’t work. You need scene’s. It is a bit basic. Try Enscape or Twinmotion, which offers more realisme and live editing.

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I have a model i imported from 3d warehouse that have working dynamic components in VR sketch. Vr sketch has a video saying dynamic components work

Oops, my bad, I did not know you meant the VR extension ‘VR Sketch’

Thought there was a misspell…