Move objects in Sketchup Viewer

Hi! Is ther a way to move objects or interact with on click animated components on Sketchup Viewer? or it only works to see and walk in the model? Im using it on a Oculus quest 2

Hi @Syksy,

Unfortunately SketchUp Viewer does not currently allow the transformation of individual objects.
However, can you please elaborate on the use case, and how this feature would be useful in your workflow?


Hi! I work with structures that required certain ergonomic features, so my goal is to put the quest on my clients so that then can test the structures and move the stuff to see if it works correctly for them

this is great, thank you for sharing.
Up until today how were you doing this with customers? were you building physical mocks?

Honestly, I only tried it with a couple of friends, I don’t even dare to move on to clients until I have it well polished.where I have made the most progress is with VR sketch, how to open drawers and different furniture, I find it very useful for architecture as well.