Virtual home staging

Hi, if i have a physical photo of a room and that I want to put virtual furniture in it? Is Sketchup with any plugin able to do it?

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Scan your photo.
Learn about Match Photo

or you could use Adobe Dimension and SketchUp (3Dwarehouse, for furniture)
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Thanks Mihai,

I want to do something like this, so Match Photo can do similar images.
Photo1 is before and Photo2 is after

Photo 2 is after

It’s not clear what is your starting photo. Is it a completely empty room into which you will place furniture, or is it a photo of an as-furnished room and you want to substitute other furniture. SketchUp is not a photo editor, it can’t do the second.

Hi slbaumgartner, it’s a room filled with furniture, probably what I was thinking to do is to use photoshop to remove the furniture in Photo 1 and populate it using Photo 2.

Be careful to check that the original photo is suitable for match photo and don’t alter it in photoshop in a way that would change that. It must not be cropped or transformed and must have two vanishing points else you will struggle with SketchUp match photo.

noted @slbaumgartner, sorry but I’m still learning, how do we know if the photo is suitable for Match Photo? Is it that we must have areas of definitions that we can draw our red and green lines to be considered an acceptable photo to be Match Photo?

In simple terms: The photo must be uncropped and must not have had perspective manipulated in an image editor. There must be good sets of lines running off to two vanishing points on the horizon.

@DaveR noted, thanks !

Before you potentially waste time editing out the furniture, import the image as it is into SketchUp and see that you can set it up properly. In the attached, I’ve set up the match with lines running off to vanishing points on the horizon and the blue axis run nicely up the corner of the building. You want the same sort of thing.

Here’s an interior example:


understood now, thanks Dave . Much appreciated with the photos for explanations. heartfelt thanks

Removing furniture with Photoshop is all a matter of Photoshop skills and tools, so there are other places to look for help with that task. This example is close to a one point perspective, so it might be a problem for SketchUp to Matchphoto with, but it might just be enough of a two point to work.

If you have the PS skills do it in PS. If you create a photomatched model and shove furniture into it you’ll still need to render it to get a photo real finish. Pointless unless you need to work the 3d views.

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@Sherman5004, I created a tutorial on match photo too you might want to check out I’m also wondering if it would easier to just build the entire thing in SketchUp and render it out all as one image, instead of messing around with removing and repairing things in Photoshop. Especially since there are some very large pieces of furniture you’re trying to remove from the photo. It’ll also eliminate any problems of getting the photo match to line up 100% accurately.

tq @RTCool, thanks for your PM as well. looks like I need to dive deeper to understand how to get this done :wink:

@Box haha, i’m also relatively new to PS, so probably need to learn both softwares at the same time now. Sketchup i am more comfortable now as I am using it to draw tables and rooms fittings but at an amatuer level i must say.

tq Matt, let me look into your video, I think I happen to see it as well. I wil research deeper into it. Yes, i agree with u on that part of building and rendering. Just that will likely need further skillsets haha

I find I use Sketchup to accurately construct the interior. Also, I work with already empty rooms so no having to edit in photoshop. Once my furniture is placed as I want it , I import the model into Dimension with the background image. I requested that the Sketchup model be imported from Sketchup with the scene so that Dimension better reads the background image - if you know what I mean.
The advice above is very good…

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Kindly guid me if you have got the solution of this onethanks