Views shifts in layout 2022

We have moved back to 2022 from 2023, we are moving from 2020. we are open Layout files in 2022 and finding view ports have shifted.

What do we need to do to stop this from happening?

Share a LayOut file so we can see what you’re working with.

The only viewport that appears to have shift is that POS 4. I just grabbed the edge of the viewport and dragged it back over to the left a bit.

I expect this is that bug in LO2022 and 2023 that sometimes results in models appearing to shift within the viewport. It’s something the LO developers have been fixing. I think Colin has said the fix will be in the upcoming maintenance release of SU/LO 2023 although he hasn’t been able to tell us when that will come.

Try just dragging the edge of the viewport over and see if that gets you sorted.

Thanks DaveR,
the floor plans shifted also. I think this was one that started in 2020 moved to 2023 and back to 2022.
I hope we don’t have a lot of these on our team.

It started with 2022. 2020 and 2021 do not exhibit this behavior. Definitely needs to be a priority fix.

I jumped from 2020 to 2022 just a few months ago. Is there another thread here that discusses this problem?

FYI Viewport shifting resolved with LO 2023.1

When we initially encountered this problem using SU/LO 2023 we immediately reverted back to 2022. Thank you SketchUp Team for resolving this issue! Hopefully I won’t have to be like this guy…

Ha :joy:… nice… I love it. … please let us know if you run into any issues…