Video cards for MacBook Pro

A new / used laptop has been proposed to me with “AMD Radeon R9 M370X with 2.0GB GDDR5 memory, plus an Iris Pro 5200 with 1.5GB shared memory”

Anything wrong with this, off the cuff, for SketchUp, Photoshop, or rendering?

(I don’t know what shared memory means–I can ask the tech guy who’s putting this together, I’m sure)


I push my macbook pretty hard with relatively large textured files (100-300MB) and rendering using an older version AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB in my macbook pro, which is slower than the one you are considering. It works fine. I keep Automatic Graphics Switching (in energy saver control panel) OFF to stay on the higher performance car all the time, which drains the battery faster when unplugged. I keep SU set to 8x multisampling, fast feedback is on and maximum texture size is off. I don’t experience any problems.

Thank you! In looking at upgrades I learned about graphics switching and didn’t realize I had this in my current notebook.

I am not familiar with setting SU to “8x multisampling”, and I haven’t experimented with setting the texture size–so that uses minimal texture to save power while modeling? I suppose one can switch it up for LayOut or direct graphic export to allow better image output.

These graphics options are in Sketchup under Preferences > Open GL. switching your style to omit textures until you need them helps speed things up too.

Maybe the multisampling is in a later version. I only have the option to use graphic acceleration.

Antialiasing did drop out of SketchUp for 2017. In earlier versions you could use a Ruby command to enable it, in 2018 it’s officially in the preferences. In 2017 there was no workaround.

I thought something like that. I used to use the ruby command but I found it degraded responsiveness and made the view jump in an annoying way. I am using 2016. But I notice that SketchUp Viewer, which is free, always looks better than SketchUp (on the Mac), which I pay for.

Oops, my bad. I should have checked your version on your info card. The is no multisampling in 16, I use 16 too still sometimes on the side for a few extensions that have never been updated and the lines are more jagged than the viewer or 18 with antialiasing.