New MacBook Pro with AMD Graphics Card

Hello, I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro with AMD Graphics Card. I am trying to finish my Sketch Up Model in Layout and my Computer is Slow. I cannot do anything like edit names because the ball is constantly spinning. Does anyone know if the MacBook pro is a good computer to use or should I return it and purchase a PC like a Dell ? I have been seeing a lot of reviews of the AMD Graphics card not being suttable for gaming and 3d modeling.

Any suggestion of help will be appreciated.

gaming is not the problem but exact 3D modeling mainly on the Windows side because drivers for Mac OS are provided by Apple and not the maker of the graphics card as under Windows.

first check in the SketchUp preferences (which are valid in this context for Layout too) that “SketchUp > Preferences > OpenGL.> Use Hardware acceleration” is activated. Restart SketchUp/Layout after doing this.

which render mode do you use in LO (raster/hybrid/vector)?:

Thanks for the information. I currently have hardware acceleration active in Sketch up . Now when I convert my raster sections or views in Layout to hybrid or vector computer just has the wheel spinning. I left my computer running for 6 hours straight while it’s supposedly rendering and all it did was crash. Layout becomes unresponsive.

what macOS version?

try if disabling the hardware acceleration in SU changes the behaviour… and run a system update via the App Store: