Vertical screen split?

Is there a way to make the screen split vertical?
The default layout is very inefficient on wide aspect ratio screens.

Click on lower right icon…


I didn’t bother to check this one. The wrench is much closer to the split… isn’t it?
I was discouraged by the 3D view settings, which do no include any layout options.

I was expecting Node Window related settings there.


Hi @Tomasz. Thanks for the feedback! The wrench you see atm is just setting for the 3D viewer, hence why it stays locked to the bottom right of the 3D view as the layout changes. We will soon have a toolbar for the graph viewer as well.

The layout view toolbar is locked to the bottom right as it has an affect on the entire application, bot just one of the viewers.

Do you think we should play around with having it closer to the split?

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