Vertical dimension problem!

does vertical dimensions require the plugins?

I would like to dimension the cross section of my project. thanks.

No. Vertical dimensions don’t require a plugin. You can’t snap to section cut lines, though. You can right click on a section and choose Make Group from Slice. Then snap your dimensions to the edges of that group.

thanks . let me give a try.

i don t have a condoc or any other extensions. but don t know how to dimension like check the top left corner of the drawing. thanks.

Screenshot%20(62) see drawing here

It’s too small to read and I can’t tell what you are referring to specifically.

tell me if you can see well @dave R on the right top corner dimensions

I don’t see anything amiss with your image. It looks like you might be trying to dimension to section cut lines but I can’t tell for sure. I told you over two weeks ago that dimension won’t snap to Section cut lines.

Upload the actual file so I have some hope of giving you some better help.

ok. thanks.