Vertex Tools is 10 years old this year! 🥳

20th of June 2010 I announced my first commercial extension for SketchUp: Vertex Tools

A side project that’s been going on for ten years now! :partying_face::tada:

Thank you, to all my users over the years who have found it useful and provided feedback and ideas.

Here is hoping for another ten years - who knows what’s next to come… :sunglasses:

Update: Version 2 is out!

See post further down: Vertex Tools is 10 years old this year! 🥳


so… any news about the release time? :thinking:
or any kind of news about this new release would be appreciated :sweat_smile:

I had originally intended to release in May. But Murphy’s Law struck, and had to postpone a bit. Hoping to be back on track this month (June) :slight_smile:


Great tool - i use it always to adjust my geometry- especially on my long term project of the Porsche 908/3 :scream::v::+1:

Heh! I got a soft spot for long term projects! :slight_smile:
Got any WIP to show?

Yes, in the gallery section here in the forum :scream:

I feel old xD

Loving that thread! All the details!

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I’ve barely scratched the surface with Vertex Tools, but it helped me damp out my ocean waves in this model in my gallery thread.

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How did you use VT for that? Select the vertices at the apex of the waves along with soft selection?

You can see a before version here, further back in the thread.

Memory isn’t perfect from more than a year ago, but, hey, I found screen shots from while I was working! I think maybe I created a series of planes going back from the boundary where I wanted to taper the wave amplitude to zero, and intersected them with the volume to make vertices within the surface, and then scaled the boundary vertically to zero with some radius of influence, if that makes any sense.

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Ok - so here we are, mid June. My vacation is about to start soon and I don’t want to release right before I go offline. So I’m pushing this off until July when I’m able to stay online to properly manage the release and post-release feedback.

That - should make the release very close to 10 year since v1.0 which was July 20th. (I expect to release v2 before the exact day though.)


Version 2 is finally here! :partying_face:

Check key feature and improvements here:

Complete manual:

As always, there is a 30 day trial.


Is there a discount when you bought v1?

Yep. Check at the website.


Yes, out the year you get 50% discount if you already own version 1.
SUbD customers get 30%.

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The payment page does not complete the transaction 7/18/2020.

Do you get any error messages?

What browser are you using?

Errors, none
Firefox 78.0.2 (latest)

Are you paying with PayPal or card?