Vector 3 FirmwareSoftware

Hi there all can someone direct me or provide a link where I can obtain the Vector 3 Firmware Software download for the SketchUp 3D Printerfor both P& Mac?

AFAIK a device called “SketchUp 3D Printer” does not exist. Vector 3 seems to be a power meter attached to bike pedals. So your post makes no sense to me. What exactly are you looking for?

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Unable to find URL to download V3 Firmware Printer Software for PC to connect to 3D Printer. From Issue 65 of the SketchUp 3D Create & Print – Issue 65, & the link from for the Print Firmware -unable to download Firmware/drivers to connect toWindows PC.

Can someone provide me with a URL or a suitable file I can download to connect to the Vector 3d Printer.

Many thanks


Sorry Anssi, it’s for the Vector 3D Printer, the Firmware software to connect to the the Vector Printer to either Windows PC or Mac. Can you forward any links?

Sorry we cannot help. You should contact the manufacturer of your printer directly. The links on the page you linked to don’t work. Is the firm still in business?