VC 14.1 dependencies

Now that Visual Studio 2017 has been officially released do you guys have any plans to update your SDK binaries so they’re dependent on VC 14.1 runtimes?


It has come to my attention that this is no longer an issue. Despite .vcxproj files that have been updated by VS2017 to have PlatformToolset set v141 it looks like the binaries created are still dependent on 14.0 runtimes.

I looked into this before deciding to update to VS 2017 Community last weekend. The v141 run times are binary compatible with v140. My toy SDK projects all built successfully using VS 2017 Community edition using the v141 toolset.

If you use depends ( to look at the binary dependencies you’ll see that projects built with VS2017 have 14.0 runtime dependencies, even if you set the PlatformToolset to “Visual Studio 2017 (v141)”. I suspect that’s how they achieve binary compatibility with 14.0. Also, try finding 141 distributables on your computer. I bet you can’t find any.

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