SketchUp SDK with binaries dependent on VC14?


I work for Robert McNeel and Associates, the developers of Rhino. We’re in the process of updating to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and want to know if you have a SketchUp SDK that is dependent on version 14 C runtime libraries. What we’re currently shipping with our Rhino V6WIP (WorkInProgress) is dependent on version 10 C runtime libraries. Thanks.

Tim Hemmelman

@Paul - are you able to provide some feedback on this?

Tim, we haven’t taken the plunge to the newer VS versions yet but there is huge desire to do so. For now, you’ll either have to silently install the VC++ 2010 SP1 redistributable package from Microsoft, or you can just include the 2 (CRT and CPP) runtime DLLs from the redistributable and ship them locally (Note that MS allows but discourages doing this. Personally I think it’s an Ok solution). Sorry about the inconvenience.

Got it. Thanks for the pointer.


OK. Thanks for letting me know.


Dear bugra,
I want to know: is there any plan to release the SketchUp C API on VC14 now? Thank you.

Hi Justin,

The next version of our SDK will be using the v140 toolset. You can have early developer preview access if you are in our developer program. Send me a message if you aren’t and I’ll put you in contact with my colleagues who run the program.


Thank you, bugra. I am OK to wait for the official release on VC14.

Hi Bugra,

Do you have a plan about when will the next version of SketchUp SDK dependent on V140 be released? We are removing any dependency on legacy VC runtimes(VS2010 and earlier). Thanks.