Visual Studio 2013 build

slapi.dll is available built with VS10. Can we get a version of slapi.dll which is built with VS12 ?

Hello, I am not sure what you are asking but perhaps some links below can help:

Check out this page to learn more about SketchUp SDK and Visual Studio.

Also, check out this current forum thread.

Currently, we only distribute VS2010 (v100) builds of slapi.dll. However, since it exposes a C API, you can call it from programs built with any other VS version (or any other language for that matter). Please see my answer here.
I hope that helps.

OK thanks. We now install both the VS10 and VS12 redistributables with our application and would like to get rid of the VS10 redistributable. So please let us know when you have binaries on VS12 available.

Still no VS2012 build ?