Văn T. has copied my gate design and he has uploaded it on his account


Above is the link of his model and below is the link of my model you can see both are the same

At the bottom of the 3D Warehouse page there is a Report Abuse link.

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Both are too good what modo you are using.

You can also Claim Credit to things you upload to the 3dwarehouse. Note in your model that in Credits, Steve is in there (the person in SketchUp 2014, Steve Oles - Steve Oles - Drawing Page). You can do the same with your model.

Dear Sir,

We are doing a project which is about the simulation of a virtual hospital based on its department and medical devices used in it, by a GUI (graphical user interface). This application includes technical and clinical information about devices in a hospital to be used as a comprehensive information for students , engineers, technicians and nurses. Since, one part of our project is going through this hospital visually, so we created a map by SketchUp and i wanted to equip its department by models that are available in 3D Warehouse. For example for OR (operation room) I should gather different equipment model form different creator that each of them provided an equipment of OR and make it as a one model or use OR model of unique provider. When I completed this design I want to use 2D image of each departments in our project and also make a video from each department that contain medical devices to use that videos in my project.

We have found the T & C’s and FAQ’s a bit contradictory and confusing. Would be great if you can help gain some clarity.
I searched a lot about FAQ of 3D Warehouse; I should contact the provider directly my question is how I can do this when there is no contact way in their page, or for my application use shall I get any permission?
It’s very necessary for me all the rights