Value control box


hi there , I’m wondering if there is any way to move the VCB, (center in stead of bottom right corner… i always end up w my layers ,components Window etc. there and can’t see the VCB)


From memory you can drag it across to the other side, not quite sure how and on phone so can’t check.
Other option that a lot don’t know is the toolbar called ‘measurements’ is the vcb. So if you activate it you can put it anywhere and the one on the bottom disappears until you close it.
That might be it, activate the measurement tool bar and drag it to the bottom, left, middle etc


Activating the “Measurements” toolbar in View menu>Toolbars makes the box go to the left. The toolbar seems to stick to the bottom of the screen.



thanks you so much,i didn’t realize that i could drag any tool into my tool bar…
now its centered in the top bar.