Position of Measurements label in status bar

Can I change the place of Measurements label in status bar? Side windows such as layers, components… float above measurements label during work and hide input values which force me to stop command and move the window hiding status bar and repeat the command again. This happened regularly.

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Enable the Measurements toolbar and you can put it wherever you want. Or upgrade to SU2016 and the tray containing the utility windows won’t cover the Measurements box.

Thanks Dave for the fast response. Measurements toolbar is enabled but stuck in the lower right corner of sketchup window. Can I slid it to the left?
I didn’t try SU2016 yet, but that feature looks good.

I think that is the default Measurements box in the status area, not the Measurements Toolbar, which you enable separately.

I just realized that I can enable Measurements Toolbar from View>toolbars>Measurments
This option solved my problem.
Thanks a lot.

That’s what I told you to do. Glad you finally got it sorted.